Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Ticky Tee"

This was the first year we took Nic out trick or treating. Last year we sat on the porch and handed out candy. This year, we let him loose on the neighbors! The entire week before trick or treat I was teaching Nic how to say trick or treat. Anytime he saw our big bucket full of Halloween candy or saw me open a piece of candy he said "ticky tee!". Of course, on trick or treat night he said it twice, haha. He did say thank you everytime, so I guess that made up for it :) The night went pretty much how I expected. It was hard to keep him on task. He was all over the place! I think the hardest part was getting him to go from house to house. He wanted to sit on everyone's porch and eat his candy.

By the end of the night he was exhausted!


Abby said...

I am glad Nic loved trick or treating. He looks so cute in the Mickey costume. I wish Fletcher would have made it past the scarey mask and been able to go, maybe next year.