Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its cold....darn it!

The high today was about 54 degrees. I hate to stay inside all day, so we bundled up and went outside to play. I'm not really much of a cold weather kind of girl. I feel like I am a southern Californian stuck in West Virginia around this time of year. Seasons are overrated :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

You know its fall when...

you spend a Sunday afternoon at a pumpkin farm!

Sunday afternoon we loaded up in the car and drove up to Simmons Pumpkin Farm in Peters Township PA. It was a big event for Nic, his first time at a farm! He was pretty excited to see all of the "balls" aka pumpkins. However, there was lots more to do besides pick out pumpkins. We started off the day at the petting zoo. He was hesitant for me to put him down at first, but his feet hit the ground running! Literally....

The sheep there were his favorite. Specifically, the really "mangie" looking one...of course...

After the petting zoo, we headed down to the pumpkin fields and other activities by way of...hayride! Nic was a little bit nervous. He didn't cry, but he sat very still on my lap and looked around.

Down by the "balls" there was a lot of fun little thinsg for the kids to do. A few of the things were a little too big for Nic, but next year(as we plan to make this a yearly trip) he will probably have even more fun. They had a "big truck" with a slide to play on and Nic really liked that.

After some playing, we grabbed our bags and headed out to pick out our "balls".

On the way we found a wooly worm. I pointed it out to Nic, thinking he would be afraid of be the judge...

he is all boy! :)

We also brought home some indian corn. Nic kept trying to eat it. I would imagine it looked pretty tastey to him...

Elmo Live

Nic recently got the new Elmo Live toy and he loves it! I got some cute pictures of him hugging Elmo, carrying him around the house and putting Elmo down for a nap.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Self Portraits

pictures courtesy of Nic Photography

The Garbage Man?

Nic is really into "cleaning up", as I have mentioned in the past. Lately, he has decided that throwing stuff away and taking the trash out are really fun activities. He "creates" trash to throw away. It's....helpful.....?

(This is a bag of clothes i was giving to a friend. I don't allow my son to carry a big bag of kitchen trash around the house.)

Nic also loves to play with the bathroom trash can. Why? Who knows, but it is a battle to keep it away from him. I bet I am one of the very few people in the world who Cloroxes her bathroom trash can. He carries it all over the house, even all of the back yard.

I have looked all over for a trash can exactly like this one, but I can't find another! So, if you see one, please buy it and we'll pay you back. Christmas is just around the corner and this would be the perfect gift for my little garbage man :)

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Our neighbor, Lisa, gave Nic this little truck tent. It used to belong to her boys. Nic loves it, and most days, wants to do everything in it. This day, he played, watched disney, napped and ate meals in the tent.

Its great to have nice neighbors who just happen to have 3 boys who have grown out of their toys! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pre-Halloween Festivities

Nic has finally agreed to a costume. He is going as Mickey Mouse! We went with Abby, Sophia and Fletcher to a Halloween Party at the community college. As soon as I said, "Wanna go with Sophia and Fletcher and get candy?" He let me put his costume on him then he jumped up and ran to the door yelling "go! go!" Apparently, Nic will do anything for candy. In case you didn't know, Nic is obsessed with balloons! He yells "boon! boon!" anytime he sees one. Even if its in a book or on television. One of the men handing out candy at the party was wearing a jester hat and gave Nic a balloon. This guy was Nic's best friend from that point on!

He was running all over the place so these were the best 2 pictures I could get of him. I find a lot of pictures I take of him lately turn out like this! :)

Today, Abby had a Halloween party for all of the kids at her house. It was unseasonabley warm today, so Nic just sported his "mummy's boy" t shirt. Abby had cupcakes layed out on the table and Nic made a bee line right for them.

I think this was the point he went into a brief sugar coma...

painting pumpkins...

We also discovered a new food, perfect for Nic...

Popcorn balls!!! He loves, balls, popcorn and sugar! Could it be any better?

Thanks, Abby, for planning such a great party!!!!

Mini me

Nic is really starting to do more "grown-up" things. He loves to help in any way he can. He loves to help clean, walk Oscar, brush Izzy, brush my hair, he knocks on doors before he enters, he loves to use his keys to unlock doors and just recently he has taken to wearing my shoes and putting on chapstick

Sometimes, he even gets the chapstick on his lips!

Then other times, he just sticks it up his nose...

Picking leaves

The leaves are all starting to turn and fall off of the trees. So, I thought Nic might like to go on a walk and collect leaves in his Curious George bucket. He loves to gather things up and put them away. Sure enough, the walk was a success! We even made a couple of new friends with little kids who live up the street. One of them is named Nicolas (even spelled the same, with no "H"!)

Nic decided it would be a good idea to stick his face against a tailpipe, hence the black tail pipe mark on his face, haha! I guess he wanted to know what was inside :)

When we got home he took the pail inside and crushed all of the leaves into the carpet. He had fun and was tired from all of that walking and gathering, mission accomplished!

Oglebayfest '08

All year long, I wait for Oglebayfest! My friend Nicole and I have a tradition, we get hot spiced Chai and head up to Oglebayfest to take in the scenery, look at the arts and crafts and just enjoy autumn! Well, this year was a little bit different! Last year, Nicole lost her mind and moved to South Carolina so she wasn't around for Oglebayfest. This was the first year we went, with babies, haha! Babies and Oglebayfest don't always mesh very well. For some reason, it seemed like the entire east coast invaded out nice little autumn getaway.

Here is Nic and Sylvia in the strollers waiting to head on up to the fun. They were both ready to go!

Babies, they don't do so great in large crowds. Sylvia wanted to be held and Nicolas wanted to run. Neither of which were condusive to the situation! We did make it down to the farm animals where Nic could run around, but once we left there, it was pretty much over.

Here is Nic enjoying the animals. It was all I could do to keep him from climbing through the fence and petting them. He absolutely loved it!

Mooing at the cows!

The day wasn't a total loss, we did get to hang out with great friends and Nic got to see some really cool farm anaimals. Next year, we'll try to go before the crowds!