Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lights Out

Recently, we had some really bad storms that knocked out power all over the tri-state area. Luckily, ours never went out. Last year our power was knocked out quite a bit so we pulled out the candles and camping lantern. Nic was immediately drawn to the camping lantern. He carried it all over the house with him. He thought it was even cooler when I turned it on for him. Here was his reaction, I'm not even joking! haha

Nic loves hearing "secrets". When you tell him you wanna tell him a secret, he leans his ear towards you to hear the secret, its really funny :)

Little Helper...

Kurt was fixing our front door the other day and Nic decided to help him out.

Pumpkin painting

Last weekend Nic and I went to "Marketfest '08" down in Center Market with our friend Jessica and her 2 kids. There were some vendors, food and Pumpkin painting for the kids. Nic painted a few strokes on a couple of pumpkins then threw the brushes down and took off running down the street!(he's an active little guy) So, when we got home we got out the finger paints and painted them some more.

After the pumpkins he moved on to some paper...

He was really proud of this little one, so he carried it around with him for a while....

The finished product....

The Play-Doh Man

Play-Doh is, by far, Nic's favorite toy! On this day he sat at the table for well over and hour playing with Play-Doh. He loves to make snakes and balls and use cookie cutters. When he makes the snake he goes "SSSSSSSSS" (aka snake sounds) Its so much fun to see him playing more "pretend play"!

Eating a meal with Nic goes a little like this...

The only way I can get him to actually sit down at the table and eat is if I put music on for him. He loves to dance! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Elvis Has Left the Building

Nic hates his Halloween costume. We may have to find an alternative.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just Beachy

Things have sort slowed down since our trip to the beach so here are a few of the highlights. Nic never really got his "sea legs", but we did manage to get him down to the beach to play in the sand. I think he was just afraid of the ocean. Its a big thing for such a little guy :)

We headed out on our first BIG road trip bright and early. Oscar and the cats got to stay at our house thanks to our wonderful neighbors, The Hummels! Izzy was boarded down in New Martinsville with my mom's dog Maggie. Izzy is way to high maintenance, she 24hr care. (aka, she is a P.I.T.A!) Nic loves Oscar and gave him a long goodbye before we left.

Yes, Oscar is a big, furry chair for Nic :)

10 hours and lots of DVDs later (thank goodness for portable DVD players!) we arrived at the beach!

Yeah, we pretty much lived in a mini mansion for the week! We got there pretty late that night, so we unpacked, took showers and relaxed! Nic ran around like a wild man until he crashed!

The next morning we made the short walk to the beach, breakfast waffle still in hand(nic is notorious for carrying around pieces of food for long periods of time).

First look at the big ocean! He's not sure what to think...

Making some new friends....

Playing in the sand....

Taking a stroll on the shoreline

Shortly after this picture Nic was knocked over by a wave and was officially done with the ocean.

Nic had a great time on the trip, but the highlight for him was definitely the aquarium! He was given the freedom to run around and explore(with mommy and daddy close behind!) and the smile did not leave his face until he fell asleep on the car ride back to the beach house. He was dancing and running and laughing all over the place! It was so fun! Here are some aquarium highlights....

crazy man on the loose!

Going in for a Closer look...


Making new friends in front of the turtles

Doing a little jig

sometimes he "cheeses" so hard his eyes close!

Starting to wear down...

Phew! "I need a minute!"

When Nic saw the shark coming towads us he threw his hands in the air and squealed with delight!

After we went thru the aquarium we went outside to play and have a snack

Since we had so much fun the first time, we went through again!

Racing off to the next cool thing

EWWWW, starfish!

Haning out at the beach house in his super cool NC Aquarium t-shirt!

On the way home we stopped at a place called the Cotton Gin to pick up a couple of souvenirs for our neighbors who watched Oscar. Outside of the Cotton Gin was a flock of geese! Nic was so excited!

Ok, so they weren't real geese, but Nic was still very excited. He ran over and started quacking and screaming, "duck! duck!". It was pretty cute :)

watching movies on the way home

Once we got home he was running all over the place! He played with all of his toys and was squealing nonstop! Here he is settling down with his books. He loves this desk and is always sitting at it, "reading" his favorite books.