Wednesday, March 19, 2008

skipping naptime is never a good thing!

This just proves that a little boy who fights sleep ALL DAY can't truly win the battle!

Of course, its 6:00 pm and he is OUT, so I'll be the one paying for this later :)

Here are some cute pictures from today's Panera playdate. Nic was such a good boy! He sat in his highchair and played and ate and laughed at the other kids. What an angel :)

Nic has decided that Colton is the funniest guy around! He belly laughed at everything Colton did all afternoon! I wish I could have gotten it on video because Nic's laugh was priceless! Everyone in Panera thought it was so funny!

Nic has also decided that Sophia's my little pony is beautiful! I caught him petting it's mane :) haha We don't tell daddy ;)

a little more....

Well, Nic has decided that he no longer wants to sit sleep in his crib. I say this as I sit here listening to him talking and playing with his crib toy. On a regular basis now, he pops up as soon as he is put down in his crib and SCREAMS! It doesn't matter if its nap time or bedtime, or if he is in a "deep sleep" either way, he does not want to be there. After about 5-15 minutes he either stops crying and goes to sleep, or like today, he sits up in his crib and plays. Now, I know he is tired and needs a nap so I am left with this dilemma, do i let him play himself to sleep(the crib toy chimes on again) or do I just go get him and try again later? I hate to miss a minute of him being awake, but I know he he's tired! Sometimes, it is so hard to know the "right" thing to do...

In any case where are few more cute pictures of Nic from the past week while i try to distract myself from the sounds of him playing by himself in his crib :(

Here are a couple of things Nic has taught me this week.....

No food is ever safe around Nic, especially now that he is pretty good with a spoon!

The Swiffer dry mop is really a lot of fun!

However, not nearly as much fun as the Swiffer Wet Jet!

This face gets you just about anything you want...

Nic has a NEED to be right in the middle of everything mommy is doing at all times!

park day!

well, last week we had one nice day so of course we went to the park!

after lots of playing at the park, nic came home and crashed in the middle of the living room floor on his blankey. i didn't even get to take his jacket and shoes off!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Swimmin' Fool!

Hello everyone! Saturday was my second day of swim class and I am turning into quite the little fish! The first week was kinda hard for me, because i didn't want to let go of mommy's shoulder, but this week i actually let her put me on the side of the pool to "jump" off! She did more of the motion for me, but I got the idea! Every time mommy held me up in the air and then back down into the water i laughed so hard! It was really fun! All of my good buddies are there with me in swim class, too!
here are some pictures of some of the action!

I have decided that I really like to play with the little people toys! My favorite thing to do with them is line them up on the window ledge and knock them off! I have also started to make them move, or dance, like mommy and daddy make them do! Its really fun! Mommy can't believe how funny I am playing with those little people...

Just another sign pointing to how grown up I am becoming!

The other day in the mail a big huge package came for me! It was from my grammy! She sent me my very own couch that flips out into a bed with a sleeping bag attached! It is so cool! I sit on it all the time with my stuffed animals!

Well, thats it for now! See ya later!