Monday, July 21, 2008

Movin' on up

Nic has moved up to a deluxe booster seat at the table! Here are some pictures from his first meal at the big table. He was making all kinds of funny faces, hamming it up for the camera!

What a cutie, huh? :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog Days

Not too much has happened this week. It has been very hot, so we've played outside in the mornings and stayed inside during the day. One day we did make it to the pool, but thats about it! One other day we went up to the Highlands with Abby and Fletcher. We let the boys walk around on their own, no strollers! They had fun, but were so tired by the end of the outing. Neither of them would walk back to the cars, they insisted on being carried! I just have a couple of cute pictures from this week. Grammy came up last weekend and bought Nic a cool new pair of sandals and a new pair of Nikes! Here are a couple of pictures of him sporting the new kicks while wearing his Nike outfit. He was looking so handsome!

I'm not sure why he makes that face all of the time, but I think its too funny! Especially in the last one when he has his hands behind his back making that face. What a character!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Little Things

I really love how kids can help you remember to find joys in the little things in life. Anything that looks remotely shaped like a ball makes Nic happy. Whether it be a cherry tomato, a watermelon or an actual ball, Nic is on cloud 9 as soon as it touches his hands. He spent one afternoon last week in his pool playing with various sizes of balls and some rubber snakes and he was thoroughly enjoying every moment! Then today we went grocery shopping and the lady in the floral shop at Kroger gave him a free red balloon. He was ecstatic! He was hitting it and squealing and laughing all through the store. Then when we got home he ate dinner holding it and played with it all evening. I absolutely love that such little things make him so happy! He's so funny and sweet and he really makes me stop and appreciate all of the little moments I am able to share with him.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Good Zoo

This morning Nic, Tiffany, Ryleigh and myself went to the Oglebay Good Zoo! We had tons of fun!

First up, the model train room.

This held their attention for a very brief moment before the went running to the next room...

They keep you on your toes!

The next room was an activity room. Nic went right for the table with all of the little animals and other miniature items on it. He LOVES stuff like this!

Not terribly interested in the monkeys

a future vet, maybe?

enjoying the aquariums!

the spectacled bear was so cool! they got to get right up next to him!!!

and he's done! help me down, please :)

on to the next thing!

Ry and Nic checking out the ostriches

The next exhibit was Lorikeet landing...Nic's reaction was priceless! You have to go through a little building to get into the aviary where the Lorikeets live. Well, Nic opened the door to the aviary, took one look at the Lorikeets, screamed and quickly shut the door! Eventually, he mustered up the courage to go in, but as you can see from the look on his face, he was on guard as he circled the aviary...

Eventually, he warmed up to them. He even scooted up next to them on the ground, like he does with Oscar. I was sure he was going to end up sitting on one!

FYI, Lorikeets bite! Tiffany found out the hard way.

When the kids decided jumping over the ropes and chasing after Lorikeets was a good idea, the mommies decided it was time to move on!

Next up, the goats!

Nic was unsure of them at first. He wasn't crazy about the baby one, but loved the big huge on with horns and a severe pooping problem! (of course) I have no picture of him with that one because I was too busy trying to keep Nic out of mounds of goat poo.

And of course, Nic and Ry wanted to go in the stable which was roped off. He got mad and cried and pointed, so I took a picture :) I will say he didn't keep trying to go in, he just pointed and cried.

After a long morning at the zoo Nic was tired and ready for a nap!

Of course, we couldn't leave the zoo without a trip to the gift shop! Nic picked out a cool stuffed snake and wore it around the house when we got home. He is too funny!

Chef Nic

Due to the success of Abby's cardboard kitchen, (which we still love and will keep forever!) grammy bought Nic a new deluxe kitchen! Nic was so very excited to play with it! I pulled it out of the box and he ran right over to start playing, it wasn't even assembled yet!

This is what he did while I was putting it together...

Here is the finished product!

Here is some video of him playing with the partially finished kitchen...

Here is another video of him talking on the phone that came with the kitchen. He was actually talking on the phone for a while before I could grab the camera and start recording. He is so darn cute!

Big Hugs and Kisses to grammy for the fun new kitchen!