Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun!

This has been a very busy couple of weeks for us! We did a lot of visiting, shopping, eating, decorating and we even had people come over to our house! I've had a few very late nights! On Thanksgiving day we went to grammy's house in New Martinsville. We had yummy food and I got to play with Maggie. She is getting so big! Grammy made me my favorite, cornbread! We don't have any pictures from that because someone forgot the memory card at home! A few days later mommy made a Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Luckily, we were able to get pictures then.
This is me eating cornbread stuffing, mashed taters and a little bit of turkey(I wasn't crazy about the turkey). Mommy knows just what I like!

The day after Thanksgiving mommy's friend Nicole was in town so we went to her house for a visit. There were so many new people there! It took me a while to get used to it, so I stuck close to mommy. There were lots of ladies there with babies in their bellies, so everyone wanted to watch me for practice! It's ok, I love being the center of attention :)
The next day I got to spend the afternoon just me and daddy because mommy went to a baby shower. I didn't really want to go, I have way too much important stuff to do at home, like crawling and practicing my walking skills. When mommy came home she brought some of her friends, the pregnant ladies again! They are everywhere, mommy and I started a trend. We make it look so good :) It was another late night for me ! Once again, everyone wanted to watch me! I'm very interesting, ya know :)

Billy and I put on quite a show for everyone! Billy is really fun to play with.

That's Nicole's hat that I am wearing, by the way.
I also showed Ryan my ball skills.
Yeah, I've got skills!

That's right, I said SKILLS! It was really fun until I dropped it on my head...

Whatever, I don't think anyone saw it. Except mommy with her camera!!!
So, after the busy Thanksgiving weekend we have been getting ready for Christmas!!! I'm not sure what it is, but it sounds GREAT! We have decorations all over the house, lights all over the outside, I even have a little tree in my room! Mommy and daddy say we are going to go cut down a real tree and put it in our HOUSE! I can't wait to get all up in that! My plan is to pull on the lights and try to pull it down, just for fun!
Mommy and daddy bought me this cool Rudolph stocking...

It lights up and sings!
I also got this Elmo toy that sings Christmas songs! It took me no time to figure out how to turn this thing on! I'm thinking that's why mommy put it up on the table. I manage to get to it, though :)

Tonight we watched a Christmas movie called, The Polar Express. It was really neat! I talked to it and laughed at it, but after about 20 minutes I got tired and fell asleep. It was good while it lasted!

This has been a really fun couple of weeks. I'm learning all kinds of neat stuff. I like to feed mommy while she is feeding me, i comb mommy's hair, I can even stand for a few seconds all by myself! mommy says I am officially getting into EVERYTHING! I'm also still trying to cut my top middle teeth...boy that takes forever! Here are some more fun, random pictures from the past couple of weeks...

Sharing puffs with Oscar...

giving Oscar a good pat...

Cheesin' it up, showin' off my chompers...

and just general mischief...

oh, and fighting sleep!

I have some really funny videos to upload, but I'm really tired so check back in a couple of days. They should be uploaded then! :) Off to bed! night, night!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wheeling Christmas Parade

Tonight we went to the Wheeling Christmas parade. I had tons of fun! There were bands, dancers, horses, lights and Santa Claus!!!! I was enthralled!

When the bands walked by, I got the chance to show off my great dance moves. I shook my head back and forth and waved my arms around. The crowd went wild!

We met up with my new friend Atley and his mommy and daddy. We are good buds! Aren't we cute?!?!

Here is a picture of us with our mommies watching the parade.

Of course, mommy and daddy had to get pictures with me, they're such camera hogs!!! They love me so much!

The weather was cold, but all in all, the parade was a blast!

I can't wait 'til next year when I can run up with the big kids and get candy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Fun!!!

Hello everyone! We have had a busy few days. Mommy and I have had some play dates, lunch dates and photo shoots not to mention all of the Halloween fun last week! To start out the Halloween season we went to the Halloween party at story time! This was the first time I was able to wear my Halloween costume. I soon realized how hot that costume was and wanted mommy to take it off!

We even got to go Trick 0r Treating around the library. I got some animal cracker! They are my favorite!!!

This is my and Kameryn singing Old MacDonald. Story time is fun, but it's more fun without the chicken costume!
Then came the big night, Halloween! I didn't know what to expect. People came up to our house dressed funny and we gave them candy. Next year mommy says we can walk around and get candy. It was still fun sitting out on the porch and watching all of the big kids.
Here is me and mommy handing out candy!

Playing in the candy bowl was my favorite part!

By the time Trick or Treat was almost over, I was exhausted! I just wanted to crawl up on mommies lap and go to sleep.

Last Friday Our friend Erin came over to take my pictures! I love to get my pictures taken, mommy says I'm a ham. Erin says I was the best model she had! Check out her website. She is really good!

Time for Lunch! :)