Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shhhhh! I'm concentrating.....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My First Christmas!

We have had a very busy week! My first Christmas was very fun and very exhausting! On Christmas Eve we went to visit my daddy's side of the family. There were lots of people there so I was especially embarrassed that mommy made me wear this outfit!

I was not amused! I kept the outfit on, but refused to wear the hat! What was she thinking?

We got home pretty late on Christmas Eve but I was wide awake! I couldn't wait to see what Santa was going to bring me. So mommy and I put on our Christmas jammies and took a couple of pictures.

Then I crawled over to daddy and got couple of pictures with him too! I love when he wears baseball hats :)

Finally, the big morning has arrived! I came downstairs and saw tons of presents under the tree just for me!!!

This was a wagon filled with blocks, very cool! I was pulling it and pushing it all around the room!

This is me opening my first Christmas present! Mommy says I caught on pretty quick to the whole present opening thing. I say, of course, there were toys in them! I pretty much only wanted to play with this present. It was a good one!

By the time I was finished opening the third present I was so tired! I kept crawling up on mommy's lap to sleep.

Did you know you aren't supposed to eat styrafoam packaging? I didn't.

So, after a little more playing with my new toys

and very long nap we headed for new martinsville where there were more presents waiting for me! Hooray!
I got a lot of good stuff at grammy's house. I got a Mickey Mouse! Mickey is one of my favorites. He always makes me smile!

I also got the Polar Express, which is my favorite movie!
Aunt Leslie got me a big cuddly Elmo! The first thing I did was lay on it and cuddle it and kick my legs against the floor! That's how you know I really love something! :)
After presents we went down to aunt Sharon's house and had a very yummy dinner & more presents! My first Christmas was really exciting! I can't wait until next year!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

things i love...

I love my Oscar dog...

My new favorite lunch is....

watermelon, avocados & sweet potato cinnamon bisque! YUM!
I love to climb the stairs, eventhough they can look pretty itimidating at first!

Once I get started, I can climb them pretty well!

I really like using my toddler spoon! Sometimes the Cheerios don't make it to my mouth, but when they do....

I don't love it when my mommy puts the bowl on my head...

but I think its really funny when she puts it on hers!

I love that I can stand and play on my own,
but I can still reach for my mommy when I need a hand :)

I have an idea.....

I wanna grow this just a little longer so I can braid it and put a couple of beads at the end! good idea?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A boy and his blush brush...

My mom walked in from the kitchen the other day and caught me using my blush brush to paint my jammies! She thought it was hilarious!

They looked like they needed a little color!

Also, I have been trying really hard to figure out how to use a spoon. I can get stuff on the spoon, but it falls off before I can really get it to my mouth. I'll get it!

It may be time to switch to the toddler spoon, mom!

my teeth hurt!

My mom and I both have colds! The winter is no fun! The doctor says the average baby gets 12-15 colds during the year, mostly during the winter months. I think we need to move to warmer weather! I was so tired this morning that I fell asleep in my high chair.

Hopefully we get all better before Santa comes next week!

Friday, December 14, 2007

bath time fun!

Mommy & I had the BEST time in the bath tonight! We just couldn't help but show you all some pictures!

Splish Splash!


Best bath time EVER!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a busy week!

This has been an action packed week guys! Last week I had my first experience with snow! I woke up and mom took me to the window and this is what I saw...

It so neat! I kept crawling over to the window to check it out. So mom bundled me up and out we went!

I really liked it until my mitten fell off and I realized how cold snow is!

So my mom scooped me up and we went inside to get warm!
A couple of days later we found a sled at the store. So, next time it snows we are prepared. Until then, I'll just sled around in the house.

And give Cookie Monster a ride!

The next big event was picking out a Christmas tree! We went to a place called a tree farm where they had lots of trees and you got to pick out the one you like. Some of them were still in the ground! We found a great one. It smells really good!

So once we got the tree home we put it up in our living room. I thought it was pretty neat,

but what I really liked were the jingle bells mommy hung on the tree! The were so much fun! I danced around with them all night. I even took them to the bath with me!

The next big thing was our first playgroup meeting! It was at my house and we had a blast!

This is me and my buddy Atley. He was the first one to get to our house.

This is all of us together at the end of play group. I suggested the mommies take the group picture before we are all tired! We're still cute, though :)

Ryleigh, Atley, Kameryn and ME!
We're having it again next week at Kameryn's house, I can't wait!
Did I mention I still love my blush brush and spaghetti???

Well, as you can see we have had a busy week! So what does a guy do at the end of a busy week?
He curls up with his Snoopy and goes to sleep!

Goodnight! :)