Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Character!

Each day I am seeing so much personality come out of Nic! He cracks me up! I just wish I could constantly carry around a video camera to catch all of the funny things he does, says, even his facial expressions! He has decided that we need to buy a mini seedless watermelon every time we go to the store. He points to them no matter where we are in the store. We could be on the other side of the store and he sees them and we absolutely have to get one. So I walk over pick it up and hand it to him. Before he grabs it, he stretches his arms straight out, clinches his fists, and giggles with delight. Then, he grabs it and slaps it like its a bongo all through the store and even on the car ride home. The other day at Target he said hello and waved to everyone we passed in the store. When they smiled and said Hi back, he giggled and clapped his hands. He's a dancing fool! When we hear music, of any kind, he has to move! He loves to hand you food and take it away real fast before you can take it. He thinks that is a great joke! I always fall for it, too. He has decided he wants to watch the movie "Over the Hedge" everyday. He goes to the DVD tower and brings it back to me. He is relentless, too. He will just keep patiently handing it to me until I play it for him. He doesn't ever watch the whole thing, but he loves the first half hour of it. After that he just drifts in and out. He will usually go over to his couch and lay back to watch it, such a little man :) Then, the other day Sophia and Colton came over to play and Nic was in his plays house and the other 2 were next to him at the sand and water table. Nic flung open the shutters to the playhouse and yelled "Colton!" ,plain as day, then started laughing! Had I not seen him do it, I would have sworn it was Sophia who is almost 3! Sometimes, he just amazes me with the things he says. He doesn't say "real" words often, but when he does you know exactly what he is saying! Makes me think he is holding out on us! ;)

In this picture, Nic had just come in from playing in his pool and I had layed him down on the floor to change his clothes but refused to let me put a diaper on him. He was so happy to be walking around the house naked eating his baby "cheetos", petting his Osacr dog. ( Who was only sitting with because he was hoping for a dropped cheeto)

(I did some cropping of this picture for obvious reasons)

The other day during dinner Kurt had out the tongs and Nic had to have them and he started doing this with them

He kept putting them up to his ears like they were a stethoscope.

Then, after a long day of playing outside, he came in still wearing his spiderman sweatband. I put it on him thinking he would rip it off, but he loved it! I tried to take it off and he put it back up to his head grunting for me to put it back on! Too cute :)

There are so many little stories like these. He is just growing so fast, its hard to keep track of them all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No girls allowed (accept mommies, of course!)

This afternoon Abby and Fletcher came over. The boys had some good male bonding time playing in the pool, the playhouse and with the sand and water table!

Real men don't need swim trunks! They just jump in with whatever they have on!

Congratulation, John!

My "little" brother John is now a high school graduate! This very minute he is enjoying his freedom with 7 other guys crammed into a hotel room in Myrtle Beach. Way to go John!

New Edition

Last week as I was driving home from New Martinsville, I saw a sign outside of the pet shop in Moudsville for something called a pocket beagle. I was curious, so Nic and I stopped to check them out. Turns out, they are just extra super small beagles and they were all sold by the time we got there! Which was fine, we don't need another dog! Well, I scanned the cages and noticed a little Pomeranian, the exact color I have wanted for years!!! I went home and did some reasearch on Poms as a family pet. They got mixed reviews as a family pet to a family with young children. I went back to the pet shop with my friend Abby and her daughter Sophia and Nic, of course, to get their opinion of the Pom. We got him out and played with him and was the sweetest little thing, but very nervous of the other dogs and the children. He just cuddled on my lap, shaking. I have wanted a Pom for as long as I can remember, but they just didn't seem like the right pet for us. (Maybe when I am suffering from empty nest syndrome, I'll get one!) I was really upset, but decided it was the best thing for everyone involved. I would hate for him to be miserable in our crazy house or worse, be so scared into biting and child! In my research, I read about Shih Tzus. Turns out they are fantastic family pets and love children! They just happened to have a little girl there. We got her out and she immediately ran over to Nic and started playing! He was giggling and playing with her, I knew she had to come home with us! :)

Meet Izzy!

Izzy's home and everyone is excited!!!

Kurt claims he doesn't like animals, but this picture was not staged!!!!

Its just too hard to resist her charms! She is a good cuddler ;)

Nic is having a complete blast with her! She is playful and energetic which is right up Nic's Alley! I do have to watch him, he tends to play rough. With Izzy only weighing in at 2.65 lbs, she could really get hurt. I sometimes get flashbacks of the incident when John(my brother) was little and decided that our brand new puppy, Ralph, needed to do a Power Ranger move off of our front porch. There is nothing more pathetic than a tiny puppy walking with a cast! For the most part, Nic plays nice and I often catch him watching TV or eating a snack while petting Izzy. Its really cute :)

Here are some good shots of a boy and his puppy...

This move got a little scary for Izzy...

Nic just really wanted to sit on it!

Not to be forgotten, Oscar got a hair cut!!! When he came out from the groomer Nic was totally confused! Usually, Oscar brings a huge smile on Nic's face sometimes even a, "Oker", but this time Nic looked completely puzzled. Was it "Oker"? It wasn't until about 5 minutes after we got home that Nic realized this practically hairless dog was "Oker"!

This is Nic going in for a closer look. I think this was his "light bulb moment". What you don't see is the huge smile on his face and Izzy bouncing around the house barking! It took her much longer to realize this hairless wonder was Oscar! Poor Oscar, he had such a long, traumatic day at the groomer, all he wanted to do was relax and he couldn't because these 2 kids wouldn't stop bothering him!

So, thats the story of how we came to have a fun little new edition to our happy little family! She is such a sweetheart. Now if we could just get her housebroken! :)

Beatin' the Heat

Well, the dog days of summer are officially here! It has been so hot around here lately and we've been doing our best to keep cool and have fun.
Our buddy Colton turned 3 and he had a "John Deere" party at the Children's Museum. So, we bought Nic a John Deere tee and headed off to party!

The dynamic duo, Nic & Fletcher!

Fletcher wants you to have this...


Don't even think about taking the balloons!

Not only did Ryleigh think about it...she did! :)

After Colton's big 3 we came home for a little sprinkler action! We had a ball! I have no pictures of the b-day boy because my camera died before the cake and presents so if you're interested Ashley (his mommy) has some cute ones posted on here blog, "The Misadventures of Motherhood". Click on the link to your right! --->

We also had a fun day at the pool! Nic didn't get in but he sat on the steps and splashed around for a while. The water was still pretty cold.

This is what happens when fair haired little boys refuse to keep a hat on their head. This look was accomplished by using a lot of sunscreen! Its all the rage in Paris this summer.

Nic was cracking up at the 2 dogs that were at the pool. He's an animal lover, just like his mommy :)

This is Sophia. she is a girl who knows how to accessorize!

Takin a ride in the cozy coupe thanks to Sophia's giant muscles!

Before we left we got a picture of Nic and Kam in their matching outfits! They'll hate this one day...

We went to The Well's House for a Memorial day picnic! The whole gang was there and we had a blast! Nic discovered a new toy and he played in it the entire time we were there! He also re-discovered his love for watermelon. I'd say the guy easily had a quarter of a watermelon that day!

The very next day we went to Toys R Us and bought Nic a play house of his own! He loves to play in it, it was a good purchase!

Another great find was this blue My Little Pony, haha. Nic loved Sophia's my little pony when he saw it months ago, but it was pink...a bit too while we were walking through TJ Maxx we saw a blue one! We snatched it up and brought it home! When we got home, I showed Nic how to brush its hair and walked into the kitchen to fill up his sippy. When i walked back in he was brushing its hair, haha! I ran to the camera, but he had dropped it before I could get a good shot. This was the best I could do.....

Maybe it was laughing outburst that made him throw it down and act like he wasn't brushing it...I guess I'll never know! It was really funny :)

These last 2 are just a couple of cute pictures. He is turning into a little boy before my eyes!