Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oglebayfest '08

All year long, I wait for Oglebayfest! My friend Nicole and I have a tradition, we get hot spiced Chai and head up to Oglebayfest to take in the scenery, look at the arts and crafts and just enjoy autumn! Well, this year was a little bit different! Last year, Nicole lost her mind and moved to South Carolina so she wasn't around for Oglebayfest. This was the first year we went, with babies, haha! Babies and Oglebayfest don't always mesh very well. For some reason, it seemed like the entire east coast invaded out nice little autumn getaway.

Here is Nic and Sylvia in the strollers waiting to head on up to the fun. They were both ready to go!

Babies, they don't do so great in large crowds. Sylvia wanted to be held and Nicolas wanted to run. Neither of which were condusive to the situation! We did make it down to the farm animals where Nic could run around, but once we left there, it was pretty much over.

Here is Nic enjoying the animals. It was all I could do to keep him from climbing through the fence and petting them. He absolutely loved it!

Mooing at the cows!

The day wasn't a total loss, we did get to hang out with great friends and Nic got to see some really cool farm anaimals. Next year, we'll try to go before the crowds!