Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Fun!!!

Hello everyone! We have had a busy few days. Mommy and I have had some play dates, lunch dates and photo shoots not to mention all of the Halloween fun last week! To start out the Halloween season we went to the Halloween party at story time! This was the first time I was able to wear my Halloween costume. I soon realized how hot that costume was and wanted mommy to take it off!

We even got to go Trick 0r Treating around the library. I got some animal cracker! They are my favorite!!!

This is my and Kameryn singing Old MacDonald. Story time is fun, but it's more fun without the chicken costume!
Then came the big night, Halloween! I didn't know what to expect. People came up to our house dressed funny and we gave them candy. Next year mommy says we can walk around and get candy. It was still fun sitting out on the porch and watching all of the big kids.
Here is me and mommy handing out candy!

Playing in the candy bowl was my favorite part!

By the time Trick or Treat was almost over, I was exhausted! I just wanted to crawl up on mommies lap and go to sleep.

Last Friday Our friend Erin came over to take my pictures! I love to get my pictures taken, mommy says I'm a ham. Erin says I was the best model she had! Check out her website. She is really good!

Time for Lunch! :)