Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elmo's Green Thumb (warning this blog conatins LOTS of pictures!)

Today Nic got to see his very first concert, Elmo's Green Thumb! He had so much fun! Of course, his souvenir of choice was a ball.

I tried to get pictures of his first reaction when the characters came out on stage at first, I'm not sure it registered what was happening. Although, he was very interested...

Then he ran over to the isle and peeked around to the stage and suddenly it clicked!

And that was the last time Nicolas stood anywhere near his seat!

He began inching closer and closer to the stage...

Actually, anytime they played music Nicolas could barely stand not to dance up the isle.

He actually got me in trouble a couple of times by security because they aren't "supposed" to dance around in the isles...Nic just couldn't help himself! He tried, crawling, scooting, running, anything he could to get up to the stage. I finally had to tell him we were going to go home if he didn't stay with sorta worked...sorta.

I think this is when he realized Cookie Monster was on his shirt AND on stage! haha

The kids had so much fun and they looked so cute watching the show :)

We were so close the characters actually ran down to the kids, Nic was really excited to see them, so that was a great thing. This defintely would not be the show for kids afraid of people in costume....

I mean, Grover even gave Nic a big monster hug!!!

Towards the end of the show he did get tired,

So he got his blanket out and layed down on it for a second, then got right back up to dance! Honestly, I have never seen him dance like that. He had some good moves!
The end of the show they shot streamers up into the air and the kids really liked that!

The next blog is some videos of Nic dancing. I wish I would have held the darn camera the right way. Sorry if you strain your neck watching them.



Mom2KCK said...

Awesome pics!! So glad that all the kids had so much fun. Colton wants to go
ps: my videos are turned the wrong way too...

Abby said...

Looks like you guys had fun, wish we could have joined you! Fletcher would have liked the music, I might of had to let Sophia sit that one out!